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Our sandbox covers are designed light enough to be installed by one person, along with an orientation sticker to show front/back, making it easy for daily reinstalling and removing.

Our sandbox covers are currently being used as an everyday solution by leaders in the child care industry.

Our sandbox covers are designed to be securely fastened without the use of potentially dangerous straps, ropes or hooks.  They give the playground a professional maintained appearance that parents look for; not to mention accreditation.

Our sandbox covers are made from Play-for-tex marine fabric; a breathable, water penetrated fabric, that allows for proper drainage in accordance with national and state guidelines. This fabric can withstand acid rain, harsh cleaners and heavy foot traffic.

Play-for-tex fabric is a specifically designed tear strength fabric that withstands the everyday folding or rolling when removing and covering the sandbox.

Play-for-tex fabric is specifically designed to withstand freezing and hot temperatures so the covers will not tear or crack.

Our sandbox covers come in a variety of colors and are custom designed to fit all shapes and sizes of sandboxes.

Our covers come with a 5 year warranty.


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